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How can we help you succeed?


ATL offers an optimized patent prosecution approach to accurately capture the invention and achieve allowances with the fewest possible office actions in the shortest time duration.

This focus has made ATL a “go-to” firm for NASA, the Department of Defense, and many of Silicon Valley’s well-known technology companies. 

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Software License, Technology Contract and Royalty Audits

Patent license and software agreements are vitally important to many companies. Yet many company’s do not follow-through to ensure the success of these agreements and their objectives are met. ATL prides itself on producing outstanding reports and obtaining recoveries as large as $21 million for its clients.

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Litigation and Cost Recovery

Approximately 70% of patent infringement lawsuits are settled after one year in litigation, with an average of one million dollars in litigation costs. Of all filed patent infringement cases, only about 4% ultimately reach trial. The rest are either settled or disposed of on summary judgment.

Against this backdrop, ATL offers a resourceful approach to intellectual property and business litigation which focuses on early stage resolution, when possible.

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A trademark identifies a company as the source of particular goods and services in the market place and bolsters its balance sheet over time. It brands the associated product the source company in the psyche of the public.

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Our Mission

To a become a competitive asset of every client by providing strategic and innovative legal work that is respected by our peers

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