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Absolute Technology Law Group, LLC strives to achieve objective results. We are value-oriented and opt for cost-driven approaches with the understanding that legal services are overhead we must strive to reduce.

We provide correct answers and efficient intellectual property strategies for your business, and we stand behind the fees we quote.

ATL has offices located in Chicago and Milwaukee.

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Government Certifications and Procurement

Absolute Technology Law Group holds the following federal and state government certifications:

Exemplary Practice Areas

Exemplary Litigation and Recovery Projects

ATL has filed patent infringement complaints and engaged in successful motion practice to establish infringement and promote settlement.

ATL has negotiated and settled copyright litigation matters involving the music and movie industries.

ATL has identified more than $86 million of recoverable funds under complex technology contracts for private and government clients.

ATL has Identified $21 million of recoverable funds for out-of-scope work for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

ATL identified unpaid royalties for overseas assembly operations spanning 10 years for National Institutes of Health.

ATL performed successful recovery from numerous software vendors and consultants for work which was outside of contract scope, exceeded budget, and/or failed to perform.


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